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What is the mission of Arts Portal?

To be the first & most comprehensive app-based hub featuring portfolios of the finest in the art world.

How much does Arts Portal cost?

It's FREE! The Arts Portal app is 100% free for users to download & enjoy. If you're an artist or gallery wishing to be featured in the app, please contact us to discuss the various options available.

Why is Arts Portal app-based?

Apps are accessible globally, more convenient & greener. It is retained on your device, receiving updates from us regularly. It has a personal, exclusive & classy impression.

Will it be available for computers, website or other mobile operating systems?

We intend to have Arts Portal focused as an app-based platform. We are also constantly monitoring the demands & functions given by other platforms & will be considering creating the app for other computing or mobile operating systems if the opportunity arises.

How can I be featured on the app?

Simply contact us here selecting “being featured on the app”. We will respond within 2 days via email with the required information & files to be sent to us. When the content has been approved, we will provide you with the submission guidelines.

What style of art & design does Arts Portal like to feature?

We like to feature the best art & design of ALL styles from different parts of the world & cultures through selection of proposals seen by their originality & artistic merit.

Will the contents in the app remain the same?

The Arts Portal app is now considered populating in progress. Our committee is working with various agents & art professionals in Asia and internationally to complete all sections of the app. After which the app updates every two to four weeks with new artists, galleries & the latest information & art work from current entries.

I cannot comprehend some of the work featured. How do I learn more about them?

Appreciating something has always been subjective to the viewer. One of the greatest lessons art has taught us is that good art does not necessarily need to appear pleasing to the eyes, but instead it questions real life situations, triggers your curiosity and might even have an alternative aesthetic representation. Some of artists in the app will be contactable through a feature in the app. Alternatively, you could visit our contact page and contact them through Arts Portal.

Who is in the Arts Portal committee?

Our advisory committee consist of program developers, systems consultants, permanent as well as guest artists & art professionals. In addition to this, we have a team that deals with the design & content elements.

Can I contact an artist I like in the app?

Yes! In the portfolio page of any artist, simply click on the button located after the artist biography. The link will bring you to the artist's direct email, through their agent or Arts Portal.

Can I copy the art works to place it for my mobile wallpaper?

Every art work has its copyrights under the artists and/or their respective agents. We do not promote the function of allowing copyrighted material to be used elsewhere other than being featured in our virtual galleries. Just like every piece of art in a museum, website, book or even newspaper, we strongly believe that every art work should be appreciated and respected where it is intended to be showcased.

I've got a question - who do I contact?

All enquiries can be sent to our team: We'll have a response within 48 hours.

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