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Arts Portal is a free global mobile-based arts hub for iOS and Android devices.


Browse through a virtual art space to navigate across artist portfolios, gallery pages & dealer profiles. ​  


Access event details & browse through art work in a breeze. Whether searching for an artist or designer for a job or simply looking out for creations by great artistic talents, you can interact swiftly through the app in High Definition (HD) experience & make direct contact with the artists. 


Apply for your page in our app-based art & design platform. It has an interactive virtual gallery featuring artists from around the globe - ready for swift browsing on mobile devices. Please contact us to be featured in the app as an artist.


Art spaces such as art galleries & museums are a dedicated highlight to Arts Portal readers - where galleries can establish a base for artists & exhibitions of their own throughout the year. Strategically build your audience & art space profile through a new media platform that reaches to the hands of all around the world. Please contact us to be featured in the app as a gallery. ​ ​


The Arts Portal is one of the few in the arts scene that knows the importance of who is behind the greatest artistic landscape that makes the society of art grow & evolve. Be it an art collector, critique writer, material specialist or an exhibitions organiser. Dealing with art? Contact us to know more about being featured as a dealer here.


Love art and design? Immerse yourself with the imaginations of the best contemporary art. View photography to surreal art, creations from realistic masters to pop artists in HD experience. Connect directly with artists without hassle. Ready? Click here to download the free app. 

arts portal app

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